Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rosslyn Safeway getting yelped

Rosslyn's mysterious and intriguing underground Safeway scores a meager 1.5 out of 5 stars on the local business review site yelp.  Reviewers claim that Rosslyn's Safeway is dirty, disorganized, poorly stocked, has lazy, crazy cashiers or friendly cashiers, has a hostile manager or a caring manager, and long lines. Some quotes from the yelp reviews:
  • This store is disgusting. I totally stopped going.. It is a joke. 
  • The lines are at least 20 people deep everyday after 5 PM, yet they refuse to hire more cashiers.  
  • Worst. Grocery store. Ever.  Sad to say it because the cashiers are always happy and friendly to me.
  • As you descend into the underground, cavernous concrete structure (stark brutalism by even Rosslyn's humble standards), you are met with intense yellow signs for Shingles vaccines all over the place. Whoever considered that to be a major selling point for the average yuppie Arlington customer may want to rethink that strategy. 
  • Produce is usually beat up quite heavily, floors are never clean, and the deli and prepared foods section is just gross.
Paul. D. of Arlington provides some cold, dishearten facts.  Paul lives within walking distance of the Rosslyn Safeway.  His houshold spent $4,864.07 on groceries in the calendar year ending about March 7, 2011.  Of that amount, his household spent only $274.64 at the Rosslyn Safeway.  He comments "Oh my is this place bad." 

According to an exclusive report to the Ode Street Tribune, a few months ago a customer bought at the Rosslyn Safeway a bottle of his beloved kombucha chia.   Unfortunate, when he opened the bottle, the kombucha surged out like shaken champagne.  He took the half-empty bottle back to the store.  The manager allowed the customer to get a replacement without any hassle.  The customer also reports that the cashiers are always friendly and helpful.  Around dinner time lines at the store can be long and slow. 

Rosslyn's Safeway deserves a higher rating than 1.5 stars.


Anonymous said...

Deserves a negative one star. Too many products in coolers past their sell by dates, spoiled milk because refrigeration not adequate, I feel sorry for the staff, this is a management problem.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest OST management sue ArlNOW for stealing its content and possibly subjecting OST's printing press to excessive wear and tear

Chris D. said...

Guess I must be crazy, but I actually really like the Rosslyn Safeway. I've always been able to find what I was looking for, the staff are helpful, and I've never had bad, old or expired food from there.

Not sure where the comment about it being dirty is coming from either. I've lived in Rosslyn since '07 and have never found it to be dirty.

Terry said...

The place is disgusting. Not only is it disgusting but it is poorly stocked, over priced (compared to other grocery stores) and the cashiers are just plain weird. It's also dirty. Produce and meat selections are also horrible.

Anonymous said...

Before Christmas they were the only store in the area that admitted to having Butterball Turkeys.

rdh1346 said...

The Rosslyn Safeway has had long check-out lines during peak periods since at least the late 1970s when the store was ABOVE ground at nearly the same location. It's most useful as a large convenience store.