Monday, January 14, 2013

Rt. 50/Courthouse Rd bridge demolition set for Jan. 26-27

As part of the improvements to entry and exit ramps in the Rt. 50/10th St/Courthouse Rd. area, the existing Courthouse Rd. bridge over westbound Rt. 50 will be demolished from Jan. 25 to 26.  Westbound Rt. 50 (heading away from Rosslyn) will be closed during those days.  The Ode Street Tribune sees no reason for roads heading away from Rosslyn and cannot imagine that the road closure will do anything but improve travelers' lives.

The Rhodes St. bridge over Rt. 50 offers a fine viewing spot for the bridge demolition.  Refreshments are available through the nearby El Chilango food truck.  Don't miss this exciting neighborhood event!

Here are more details on the bridge demolition and the related construction work.  The Rt. 50 construction work will continue through late 2013.  Expect lane closures weeknights from 9pm to 5am.

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