Monday, February 18, 2013

broken glass in Ft. Myer Heights Park

Numerous pieces of broken glass are scattered in the struggling grass of Ft. Myer Heights Park.  The glass is hazardous to dogs walking in the park and to children playing in the park.  The glass appears to be well-embedded in the soil.  Two keen-eyed neighbors observed glass mixed into the fill that was added to the park to repair damage from the Deep Soil Rosslyn Water Spill.  The perpetually forthcoming children's playground to be constructed in the park might address the glass issue with an additional layer of clean dirt.


Anonymous said...

good god, can you not free yourself from the shackles of journalistic observation to leap into the fray in this deadly situation and remove the glass? In situations like these the journalist takes off his reporter hat and puts on his humanitarian hat. I would expect no less of the Ode Street Tribune

Douglas Galbi said...

The glass appears to be widely dispersed and well-integrated with the soil. While it's a hazard, it's not a clear and present danger. The Tribune's journalist has sought professional evaluation of the situation.

If you're going to throw rotten tomatoes at the Tribune, know that the Tribune's editorial board is standing behind its journalist.