Thursday, February 21, 2013

International Design Festival opens in Rosslyn

The Next Wave: Industrial Design Innovation in the 21st Century opened in Rosslyn at Artisphere today.  At this exhibit, you can browse what seems like objects collected from cutting-edge high-brow European home furnishing stores:
Featuring one-offs, prototypes and pieces in production concentrating on the areas of eco-friendly design, functionality and minimalism, the conceptual and the avant-garde, over 100 objects will be on view, ranging from lighting, furniture, textile, and product, to electronics, housewares, tools and interactive design.  
If you like shopping, you'll like this exhibit.  Since most of the objects aren't for sale, the potential danger is more yearning than spending.  Go ahead, indulge your eyes!

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william oscar said...

Cool blog site friend I'm about to suggest this to all my listing contacts.

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