Thursday, March 28, 2013

honoring Rosslyn's Mongolian heritage

Rosslyn is one of the world's leading centers of Mongolian culture.  The finest Mongolian school outside of Mongolia is located right here in Rosslyn.  Rosslyn's Artisphere hosted the internationally acclaimed Haamtda: Together exhibit of extraordinary Mongolian cultural treasures.   And a Mongolian won the prestigious Rosslyn Neighborhood Hero of the Week Award.

To maintain the Ode Street Tribune's edge in the Rosslyn local news business and to ensure that it doesn't miss any important Mongolian Rosslyn news, Tribune management required all the members of the Tribune's staff to read The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck: His Journey ot the court of the Great Khan Mongke, 1253-1255.  This is one of the few surviving first-hand accounts of the massive thirteenth-century Mongolian Empire, before it reached Rosslyn.  The account provides fascinating descriptions of Mongolian life.  The Tribune's journalist took particular note of this insightful Mongolian practice:
They never wash clothes, for they claim that this makes God angry and that if laundry were hung out to dry it would thunder: in fact, they thrash anyone doing laundry and confiscate it. [*]
Honor Rosslyn's Mongolian culture by not doing your laundry!

[*] The Tribune's objectivity and credibility is impeccable.  Thus you will not be surprised to know that the above quote accurately reflects its thirteenth-century source.   However, readers not familiar with the Tribune may want to verify this quote.  See Peter Jackson and David Morgan, trans and ed., The mission of Friar William of Rubruck: his journey to the court of the Great Khan Möngke, 1253-1255 (Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Pub. Co., 2009) p. 90.

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