Wednesday, April 10, 2013

bring MOM's Organic Market to Rosslyn

While the mysterious and intriguing underground Safeway is a venerable Rosslyn institution much maligned on Yelp, Rosslyn truly needs a better source of vegetables and other rustic and pastoral organic foods.  Rosslyn needs a MOM's Organic Market.  MOM's sells healthful foods while working to protect and restore the environment.  A good environment includes healthy, attractive human bodies.

An excellent spot for MOM's would be 1776 Wilson Blvd.  Skanska, the property owner, has a lot of retail space available in the building.  Skanska is represented by Roger Carlson of Colliers International.  Carlson's telephone number is 202 742-1100.  The Ode Street Tribune calls on all vegetable-loving residents and everyone else to start agitating to get MOM's to Rosslyn.

What you can do:
  1. Take the Rosslyn BID survey and indicate the importance of getting a good grocery store like MOM's
  2. Contact MOM's and urge the store to come to wonderful and dynamic Rosslyn
  3. Contact Roger Carlson and urge him to set up a reasonable leasing arrangement with MOM's or a similar store
  4. Attend the Apr. 17 RAFOM meeting on retail businesses in Rosslyn and advocate for MOM's.  At the meeting will be Jill Griffin, Arlington County's commercial development specialist, and Rich Doud, president of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. The meeting will begin at 7pm at Prospect House Condominium Meeting Room.  Enter from N. Oak St.
It's time to stop complaining and start doing.  The Ode Street Tribune's journalist has already done the first three points, and will do the fourth.  What have you done?


Andrew said...

Heard from a semi-reliable source that the loading dock in 1776 won't support a grocery store. Can't remember if that was per a county standard, state standard, or other. Any idea?

Douglas Galbi said...

Thanks for your comment. I regrettably don't know anything about the capacity of the loading dock for 1776. Please post any other relevant info that you come across.