Monday, April 15, 2013

MOM's Organic Market coming to Rosslyn area

After the Ode Street Tribune urged MOM's Organic Market to come to Rosslyn, MOM's responded that it is planning a store at the site of the former Bergman Laundry at Lee Highway and N Vetch Street.  Here's the developer's project description:
This mixed-use development--designed by Antunovich Associates--is slated to feature nearly 14,000 square feet of retail space, 175 apartment units, 27 townhomes and three floors of garage parking. MOM's Organic Market will anchor the retail space, the first location for the specialty grocer west of Interstate-66. The project was approved by the Arlington County Board in December 2012 with a unanimous 5-0 vote. The project is expected to be completed in phases over 22 months.
The description "west of Interstate-66" is a mistake. In accordance with the growing trend in directions, the text should be "in the northwest area of the Rosslyn region, only about a mile from the center of Rosslyn."  MOM's also has stores in Alexandria, Herndon, and Fairfax.  


Anonymous said...

When will Rosslyn's unjust and relentless quest for annexation cease? Has Rosslyn learned nothing from the bitter fight between Palestine and Israel. This can only lead to more bloodshood. It is now time to speak truth to Rosslyn: the area it seeks to annex at Bergmann Cleaner site Veitch and Lee Highway is in reality North Highlands, not Rosslyn. In fact, according to the Arlington County map of Civic Associations

Rosslyn doesn't even exist! There is North Rossyln. There is Radnor/Ft. Meyer Heights. There is Colonial Village. There is North Highlands. But there is NO ROSSYLN. Rosslyn, be shamed. You do not exist.

Douglas Galbi said...

You probably don't believe in the existence of Xanadu, either. I have one word for you: Artisphere.

Anonymous said...

North Highlands will descend upon the illigitmate settlement of Rosslyn and smite it

Anonymous said...

It was very easy for residents in Rosslyn to ask for a Mom's Organic Market since it is NOT in their neighborhood. Lets see what everyone in the neighborhood thinks and reacts to the new 10-story building that adds more traffic to the intersection.