Thursday, May 9, 2013

"we are determined to make it happen"

At tonight's Rosslyn Business Improvement District meeting, President Peter Greenwald declared, with steely resolve like that of the Marines who retook Iwo Jima, that the organization is determined to make active nightlife in Rosslyn.  Greenwald expressed strong support for Artisphere.  He also indicated that serious efforts are underway to bring additional restaurants to Rosslyn.

The importance of active nightlife to Rosslyn cannot be doubted.  Marty Kady, Deputy Managing Editor of Rosslyn-based Politico, noted that Politico has grown in Rosslyn from employing 30 persons in 2008 to 230 persons today.  He expects Politico to continue to grow.  He observed, however, that Politico's young employees are often reluctant to live in Rosslyn and spend evenings here.  They prefer to be in Washington DC.  At the other end of the age spectrum, a Rosslyn resident with many years of life experience noted that he finds Rosslyn streets lacking in activity at night.   Help generate local excitement by getting out and walking the streets of Rosslyn at night!

Congressman Jim Moran attended the meeting and expressed great optimism about Rosslyn's future.  He declared that the boathouse will come to Rosslyn.   He said he saw a photograph of a rainbow beginning at Key Bridge, arcing over the Washington Monument, and ending in Rosslyn.  The end of the rainbow is in Rosslyn.

Arlington County Board Chairman Walter Tejada spoke about Rosslyn's promise and his priorities as Board Chairman.  He observed that he joined the County Board ten years ago, the same year that the Rosslyn BID was established.  Tejada, an avid cyclist, has as one of his priorities for the County health and fitness.  Rosslyn is a hub of local bike paths.  Artisphere is including an event combining art and sports in the upcoming SuperNoVa performance art explosion this June.  Other priorities Tejada has for the County are affordable housing and urban agriculture.  The Ode Street Tribune applauds those priorities and continues to encourage innovative thinking to foster affordable urban farmland.

Startups are starting to recognize Rosslyn's growing allure. UberOffices has established a new coworking space for startups in Rosslyn. UberOffices declares, "The most promising, young technology and media companies in the DC area are building serious businesses in our coworking space.  Should you be here too?"  Alex Orfinger, publisher of the Rosslyn-based Washington Business Journal, came to Rosslyn in 1992 for his first job out of college in the USA Today building.  Those who are not already in Rosslyn should come as quickly as possible.

WJLA/ABC 7 Morning News Anchor Scott Thuman spoke knowledgeably about Rosslyn's attractiveness. He was at Artisphere last month for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society black-tie fundraiser with supermodel Nora Sommerkamp.  Thurman was also at Artisphere for the YOU, ME, THEM, EVERYBODY LIVE! ON A BIG SCREEN! event.  He noted that this event brought together a large crowd of young persons, many of whom had never before been to Rosslyn.  Take note of this news.

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