Monday, July 15, 2013

Realize Rosslyn skyview tour sold out

The Realize Rosslyn skyview tour happening this Thursday evening has sold out.  That's hardly surprising.  Here's the description of the event:
Join the Rosslyn Process Panel and the Realize Rosslyn project team on-site for this walk around the center of Rosslyn. We will be visiting the tops of several buildings in Rosslyn to better understand some of the issues and conditions to be addressed in developing potential strategies for future building heights and forms in Rosslyn. As we travel between buildings, there will be opportunities to point out and talk briefly about some of the draft plan framework elements and alternative approaches to them. 
What could be better than enjoying spectacular views from the tops of Rosslyn buildings and talking about Rosslyn's future? 

The Ode Street Tribune's journalist could not register for this event because of another commitment on Thursday evening.   The Tribune hereby deputizes every resident of Rosslyn to act as a freelance reporter for the Tribune.  Please send the Tribune photos of views from the tops of Rosslyn buildings.

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