Monday, July 8, 2013

spectacular July 4th view of Rosslyn

The large flotilla that gathered in the Potomac River on July 4th enjoyed a spectacular view of Rosslyn.  Rosslyn sparkled and shined in the evening sky while jets passing overhead added dramatic noise.  For fortunate boaters, the July 4'th celebration extended all night long.  Morning brought another beautiful view of Rosslyn.


Anonymous said...

The Ode Street Tribune suspended publication for a week and your staff was out of town, yet you purport to post a picture with the implication that it was taken on July 4th. I am concerned that one of your reporters may be taking some liberties with how they label picture that are provided to the Ode Street Tribune.

Douglas Galbi said...

The photo is authentic. According to Ode Street Tribune foreign correspondent Mark W., the photo was taken "on the morning of July 5 after spending the night of July 4 gazing at the Rosslyn skyline." The Tribune acquired this photo recognizing the importance of the July 4 holiday, which celebrates more than two centuries of Rosslyn's independence from Britain.