Saturday, November 30, 2013

walk downhill to Rosslyn

If you're in Courthouse or Clarendon, nothing is better than a nice, downhill ride or walk to Rosslyn.  The new Rosslyn pedestrian signal orientation emphasizes that there's only one way to go -- that's downhill to Rosslyn.  Come get some new ideas and new orientations in Rosslyn!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for publishing the Ode Street Tribune. It is a wonderful asset to Rosslyn. The fact that you report upbeat news rather than the police blotter type of downbeat news is great

Anonymous said...

Clearly, this photo demonstrates that the photojournalism in the OST is of the highest quality, nearly art-like. Obviously the impact of artisphere is rubbing off on the entire populace. This photo presents a deep, complex and multifaceted view of Rosslyn. In Rosslyn, there is a pathway up (symbolized by the ladder) but it can be precarious and ever changing. And while the "one-way" combined with the dowhnill pedestrian sign indicates there is only one way, and that is down, the metro mall arrow points a different direction, and realizes the ultimate truth: there is great redemption in shopping and gluttony

Douglas Galbi said...

Indeed. A+