Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rosslyn holiday market this Friday

This Friday, Dec. 13, a special holiday market with be bustling just across from Cupid's Garden in Rosslyn from 10am to 10pm.  The newly renovated 1500 Wilson Blvd building will feature for this one special day:
a day-long, music-filled, party-like atmosphere .... Shoppers can enjoy a sampling of sweets, snacks and refreshments while also indulging in an array of services offered on site, such as massages, holiday hair blowouts, cigar rolling, spirits tastings, boutique shopping and a free holiday photo booth. Free talks and demos throughout the day will offer insights on everything from gourmet coffee roasting to ballet-barre
Last week, the Ode Street Tribune's journalist stumbled upon the Grump holiday arts and crafts sale at Artisphere.  It was a great opportunity for some special shopping.  Whether you missed or made that special sale, don't miss the special holiday market this coming Friday in Rosslyn.

Shoppers should approach these fine markets well-informed about how to eat delicacies.  With a keen sense for the public interest, the Tribune's journalist investigated Potomac chocolate's table at this past Saturday's market. Potomac Chocolate is a one-person, bean-to-bar fine dark chocolate maker based in Woodbridge, Virginia. The Tribune's journalist bought a bar of Potomac Chocolate San Martin 70% chocolate.  That bar has only two ingredients: "single origin dark chocolate made from cacao grown in the Amazonian highlands of Peru" and sugar.  Here's the journalist's review of its taste: "oh, that's so good ...chomp chomp chomp .. umm ... chomp chomp ... gone all ready?"  Owner and chocolate-maker Ben Rasmussen offers advice on tasting fine chocolate:
Put the piece of chocolate on your tongue and let it slowly melt–don’t chew it. While it melts, pay attention to the texture: is it smooth, too smooth, a little gritty? Also, note how the flavor develops. Some chocolate is relatively simple, with one flavor throughout–while others will have distinct tastes at the beginning, middle and end. Is it fruity, bitter, earthy? Does it change as it melts? Does it linger after it’s gone? 
Eating fine food is like reading a fine news source: it must be savored.  Remember that at this Friday's holiday market in Rosslyn.

Unfortunately, Potomac Chocolate apparently will not be at this Friday's market.  About seventy stores in the region sell Potomac Chocolate. The Tribune asked Potomac Chocolate owner Ben Rasmussen what store in Rosslyn sells his chocolate.  With great shame, he acknowledged that none does.  The Tribune's journalist demanded an explanation.  Rasmussen countered with the question, "What store in Rosslyn would you like to see selling my chocolate?"  The journalist's minded raced in silence and then he muttered some business boilerplate about wanting to do focus-group testing.  After extensive interviews with Rosslyn residents, the answer is obvious: Miracles by Olympia.


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