Friday, January 31, 2014

explorer penetrates remote region of Rosslyn

An Ode Street Tribune journalist-explorer has bushwacked to the southern-most tip of Rosslyn's Roosevelt Island.  The area of Roosevelt Island south of the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge is typically very wet.  But recent cold, dry conditions have made it passable for those daringly seeking to penetrate mysterious areas.
While Rosslyn's towers dominate the region's skyline, Rosslyn also has largely unappreciated natural wildness.  Take a hike on the Rosslyn Potomac Trail or on Rosslyn's Roosevelt Island.  Rosslyn offers a wide range of amazing adventures.


Anonymous said...

Outrageous land grab by Rosslyn's house organ, the Ode Street Tribune. As Google maps knows, Roosevelt Island is inside the District line. In fact, Rosslyn residents may not set foot on the island or dip a toe in the Potomac without their passports

Anonymous said...

For facts I prefer to rely on the on site reporting of the Ode Street Tribune. Google is 3000 miles away in California. They don't know anything about Rosslyn and the District of Columbia. This is another example of why the Ode Street Tribune, with its local roots and reporting, is so valuable to the Roslyn community,. People in the West Coast can only wish they had that type of news source.