Tuesday, February 4, 2014

innovative imaginary apps at Artisphere

Innovation starts with imagination.  Four video screens in Artisphere are currently presenting imaginary apps.  Here's one that could create billions of dollars in user value:
Assault on Batter is an application that rids your phone of energy faster than you can say, "Sorry I couldn't call you back, my phone was out of juice!"  The app turns on the most waste-tastic combination of components of your phone, polling GPS at alarming rates, jamming more data than fits up your Bluetooth antenna.  The result is a dead phone, an evening to yourself, an excuse for ignoring friends, family, co-workers ... 
Entrepreneurs interested in commercializing this product should contact inventors Jamie Allen (Canada), Ishac Bertran (Spain), Ian Curry (USA), Bernhard Garnicnig (Austria) and Elena Gianni (Italy). 

The exhibit of imaginary apps runs through Feb. 9.  See imaginary apps before they're gone.

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