Tuesday, May 6, 2014

changes to Rt. 50 / Courthouse Rd. interchange

Traffic westbound on Rt. 50 can no longer exit on Courthouse Rd. to loop back into Rosslyn.  That section of Courthouse Rd. is currently dug up and won't be repaved until the end of May.  If you're coming to Rosslyn from DC, take the Meade St. exit to Rosslyn, or if you miss that, the N. Queen St. exit.
From Courthouse Rd., the new ramps to east and west bound Rt. 50 are currently functional.  If you're in the Courthouse area and you want to get to downtown Rosslyn, you can take Courthouse Rd. to Rt. 50 east, and then the first Rosslyn exit on your right.  But it would probably be faster to jump on a Capital Bikeshare bike and enjoy the ride down the hill to the center of Rosslyn.  Of course you're wearing a bike helmet, because bike helmets have becoming fashionable hats for a wide range of events from business meetings to BBQs.
The 10th St. ramp to eastbound Rt. 50 into Rosslyn isn't yet open.  The ramp from 10th St. to Rt. 50 heading westbound away from Rosslyn is open.  That's poor planning by the Virginia Department of Transportation.  The eastbound ramp to Rt. 50 into Rosslyn is obviously more important and should have opened first.

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Chris Slatt said...

The north-side trail is supposed to open at the end of May. South-side trail at the end of July.