Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Think With Your Hands displays Rosslyn's cultural-technological leadershp

With the airplane flying overhead, with newsprint and technology incorporated into a woman's silhouette, and with forms so intriguing that you want to touch, the relevance to Rosslyn of Think With Your Hands is obvious. This new exhibit, at Artisphere through November 30, brings the work of leading Spanish designers Pep Carrió and Isidro Ferrer to Rosslyn.
Ella entra en la noche como en un
cine, y cada noche un sueño nuevo
la espera.

She comes in the night as into
a movie theater, and every night a
new dream waits for her.
With an app for your smartphone or a loaner iPad available at the exhibition desk, images come alive with a layer of augmented reality. A stack of cards will pop up, or a photo gallery, or a video. If you point your device at one piece, the dancer depicted comes alive on the screen and dances across her own image. This exhibit captures the romance and intrigue of Rosslyn. Don't miss it!

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