Wednesday, November 19, 2014

improving bus service between Columbia Pike and Rosslyn

Now that the proposed streetcar project has been canceled, planners can turn to improving and modernizing bus connectivity between Columbia Pike and Rosslyn. That would be an important step forward for revitalizing Columbia Pike. Columbia Pike residents deserve to have ready access to all the transportation options, cultural amenities, and riverfront recreational opportunities available in Rosslyn.

Canceling the streetcar project also provides an opportunity to direct more attention to Georgetown's gondola proposal. The proposed gondola would connect Georgetown to Rosslyn's Roosevelt Island and downtown Rosslyn. A gondola would help persons to experience under-utilized greenspace (Roosevelt Island) and green-brown space (the Potomac River) in the Rosslyn area. Moreover, that gondola could be the upper end of a Georgetown-Rosslyn-Columbia Pike corridor That new corridor could provide a multi-modal north-south complement to the east-west Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe gondolas for the pike too. We don't need more buses. And we deserve something thoughtful and pleasing to the eye.