Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Manual Cinema's Lula Del Ray at Artisphere this Fri-Sat

A fantastic work of hand-crafted media will be at Rosslyn's Artisphere this Friday and Saturday nights. The acclaimed theatrical troupe Manuel Cinema uses overhead projectors, paper puppets, actors in silhouette and a live band to create a much richer, more emotive experience than ordinary cinema. Manual Cinema will be performing Lula Del Ray:
Lula del Ray is a mythic reinvention of the classic coming-of-age story. Told almost entirely without dialogue, Lula del Ray tells the tale of a lonely adolescent girl who lives with her mother in a mid-century American Southwest setting. After a chance encounter over the radio, Lula becomes obsessed with the country music duo the Baden Brothers. Inspired by their music, she runs away from home and encounters a world of danger, deception, and disappointment along the way.
Manual Cinema's Lula del Ray evokes Rosslyn with airplanes over a majestic cityscape and the satellite dishes of international corporate media. Yet Manual Cinema, with its carefully handcrafted performance, also calls to mind the uniqueness and poignancy of a traditional local news source. Performances of this handcrafted cinema are at 8pm Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets are $20. Treat yourself to a fantastic sensory experience!

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