Monday, February 4, 2008

go see Synetic Theater's Romeo and Juliet

This past Sunday afternoon I saw Synetic Theater's Romeo and Juliet at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theater. It's wordless Shakespeare, like Synetic's performance of Macbeth last year. But the scream of Juliet (Courtney Pauroso) when she discovers her dead Romeo (Ben Cunis) is the loudest scream you've never heard. Overall, heart-achingly enjoyable. Romeo and Juliet, stupid kids. Lucky kids. Go see it, but don't kill yourself when it ends. Playing through March 8.


sweet trini said...

dude, i'm a local theatre professional about to go see a friend in this show, and wanted to say that while it's great to know a little about the style of the show and how you felt about it, you just killed it for me by giving away the fact that juliet's scream's the 1st vocalisation in the piece- in future, please consider beginning the post with a "spoiler alert", or omitting specific details about the execution of major moments...thanks. walk good.

Douglas Galbi said...

What does "the loudest scream you've NEVER heard" mean? You've got to go to the show to find out!