Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb. RAFOM meeting

The Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights Civic Association (RAFOM) met on Feb. 24. Some notes:
  1. Treasurer David Treworgy reported that RAFOM has 78 dues paying members and 316 persons signed up on its email list.
  2. Negotiations continued for free access days for local residents to the observation deck that will be part of the Central Place construction. RAFOM and other community groups are seeking three days of free resident access a week, while JBG, the developer, is offering only two.
  3. The Rosslyn Ridge site plan includes $500,000 dedicated to improving Hillside Park (here). Plans include improvements to the recreation area at the top of the park, new signage, and possibly better lighting. RAFOM members are working to ensure that the trees in the park will be preserved and that the park will be maintained as an urban forest.
  4. Steve Campbell described the Arlington Tree Give-away program. Single-family properties can receive one free tree. Multi-family properties can receive multiple free trees. The purpose of this program is to encourage the planting of trees on private property so as to increase the size of the Arlington tree canopy. Orders for trees will be taken through April 24. Persons living in the RAFOM area and who want trees should contact Steve Campbell via email at mitska 'at' juno 'dot' com, or by telephone at 703 243-6265.
  5. Peter Fallon, chairman of the Arlington County Planning Commission, addressed the meeting. The Planning Commission is an all-volunteer body required under state law. It advises the County Board on development issues and gives the Board recommendations on site plans. In busy times the Planning Commission members have attended three or four meetings a week, as well as meetings on Saturday. This is extraordinary volunteer service. Mr. Fallon noted a slowdown in site plan submissions associated with the worsening economy. He stated that no Rosslyn site plan applications are currently pending. He also noted that Arlington is relatively well positioned economically because 45% of its tax base is commercial.
The next RAFOM meeting on March 31 will include a presentation on health and exercise.

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