Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fire-gutted apartment building across Rt. 50

On January 6, a fire in the basement of the apartment building at 1523 Fairfax Dr., straight across the the Rosslyn walkway over Rt. 50, forced all residents to abandon the building. The Arlington County Fire Department Station 3 unofficial website has good coverage of the fire down toward the bottom of its page. This is a tragic, real-world example of the importance of fire safety planning.

You might also note the passing of Arlington Fire Department Retired Captain Elbert F. Green, Jr. Captain Randy Higgins offers a fine tribute to Captain Green:
His territory knowledge was second to none. He not only knew every street, alley and shortcut he could also tell you the color of the house, the name of the owner, the name of their kids and the [name of] their pets. You could never stump him on a territory drill. He was an all-around firefighter.

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