Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Verizon DSL outage

My Verizon DSL connection was down for at least 11 hours starting about 9pm Tuesday night. About 11pm on Tuesday I called Verizon and they did a line check -- no problem. Then I spoke with a friendly and polite tech support person. The tech person had no knowledge of any network outages. So he spent about a half hour with me resetting my modem, trying different settings, etc. The following morning about 8am the connection was still down. While Verizon's network status site showed no network problems throughout this period, at least one other person in the DSL area was also having connection grief. My DSL connection is working this evening.

11-hour or longer outages are much worse than traditional telephone system reliability standards. Not having any system awareness of such problems is bad network management.

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