Monday, June 8, 2009

beagle lost in Rosslyn

A brown and white Beagle name Ginger and weighing 16 lbs. was lost June 7, 2009 in Rosslyn near Rt. 50. She slipped out of her harness so she has no collar or tags. She was recently rescued and does not yet know her name. She was recently seen near 1200 Quinn St.

If you see Ginger, please call 202 538-7610. Then invite her in for dinner and encourage her to stay until her caretakers come.

Update: Ginger found!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am the owner of the beagle Ginger who was lost. She has been found. I cannot express enough how much help the community was in finding her. People called to say they would look out for her; people who saw her (but could not catch her because she was running so fast and was scared) called to tell us her whereabouts. Volunteers came to help us once we got some calls about her location; one guy even cooked chicken and gave it to us to help track her. The community has been awesome. I am glad I live in a place with such great people. Thank you so much!!!

Douglas Galbi said...

Glad to hear that your beagle was found. After all the thunder and lightening, she's got to be happy to be home!