Monday, June 15, 2009

Soo Lee Davis elected to RAFOM Board

At RAFOM's annual meeting on Monday, June 15, Soo Lee Davis was elected to the RAFOM Board to fill the seat of Mary Jean Schmelzer, who was unable to serve for another term. The other seven RAFOM Board members were elected to new terms.

Lt. Col. Davis has served in the Army for sixteen years. She lives in the Wooster and Mercer Apartments, a building recently constructed in Rosslyn near Hillside Park. She is so keen about getting involved in the neighborhood that she read the whole Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights Neighborhood Conservation Plan. It's great to have Soo Lee helping to lead the neighborhood.

RAFOM President Stan Karson summarized RAFOM's activities over the past year. Board Member Doug Jerger noted that JBG, the developed of Rosslyn Place, will be at the Belvedere this Thursday night to discuss the status of that development. Plans for the Hillside Park improvements are moving forward under the watchful eye of Board Member Steve Campbell. Board Member Kenneth Robinson noted that a new building may be constructed across from the Police Station in Courthouse.

The featured speaker at the meeting was Aneesh Chopra, President Obama's Chief Technology Officer. He spoke about how technology can contribute to achieving major public policy goals in education, health, and energy conservation/pollution reduction. I'll have video highlights of his talk up this weekend on purple motes.

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