Thursday, August 13, 2009

vandalism in the neighborhood

I don't have any problem with Goths dressing up and enjoying themselves. But Vandals knocking down traffic signs isn't good and wholesome.

About two weeks ago, a 25 mph speed-limit sign was knocked down and a newspaper box was dragged up onto the pedestrian bridge crossing Rt. 50 at the bottom of Ft. Myer Dr. Given that Arlington Police seem to generate a steady stream of revenue by catching speeders at just this spot, I figured that the sign would be fixed in no time. But it's still down.

In addition, a sign warning of the pedestrian crossing is now also down. Cars coming around the corner on the right as you approach Rt. 50 on Ft. Myer Dr. appear quite quickly. It's important for everyone to stay alert at this intersection and crossing. The bright yellow pedestrian sign, when it's up, helps make the crossing safer.

There's also some graffiti on the west side of the pedestrian bridge, near the south (Ft. Myer Dr.) end.

I called these issues in to the Arlington Police. Keep an eye out for vandalism. If you see it, report it promptly to help keep our neighborhood safe.

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