Thursday, November 26, 2009

please conserve water

Repair crews are still working round the clock to repair a Arlington water main that broke on Monday.  Arlington County asks residents to conserve water.  You can do this by taking fewer and shorter showers, not doing laundry, flushing the toilet less, not letting the water run, and minimizing the use of water when washing dishes.   Arlington water remains safe to drink.

James Bea, who has worked for Arlington County for 24 years, died from electrocution while working on the water main repair site this Wednesday morning.   A second Arlington employee was seriously injured.  Please join with their family and friends in recognizing this tragic loss.  We should also be thankful today and every day for the dangerous work that James Bea and others do so that we have water, power, and clean, attractive buildings.

I cycled by the site of the water main break at the corner of Glebe Rd and Old Glebe Rd this morning about 11:30am.  There's still a huge hole in the middle of the road. Traffic on Glebe Rd heading toward Chain Bridge was reduced to one lane.   Use extra caution when driving down Glebe Rd.

Update: Water main back in service. Special request to conserve water no longer applies.  Some traffic restrictions remain to be resolved.

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