Wednesday, December 16, 2009

RAFOM Holiday Party biggest yet

From Stan Karson, President of our civic association RAFOM:
This past Friday evening, we sponsored the 5th Holiday Party for our lower-income residents at Wilson School. RAFOM, the County Parks and Recreation Department and the 2nd District County Police Team worked together to make the event the best and the largest we have had. At least, 125 people attended, most of them young children. We had an abundance of free food and soft drinks, but the main attraction for the younger guests was the toys, which the Police officers had received from Toys for Tots. Santa was ever present, and the kids had their pictures taken sitting on his lap which were provided them.

Many must be thanked for their effort and time to make this a wonderful experience for all. RAFOM members -- including Patricia Darneille, who helped organize the event, Bob Blakeman, Soo Lee Davis, Steve and Nicole Campbell, Ken Robinson, David Treworgy, Doug Jerger, Stuart Stein, Larry Reed, Leslie Arminski, -- all contributed mightily by obtaining the food from the neighborhood restaurants, handing out the food, setting up and cleaning up, posting the notices at the affordable housing apartments.etc. etc. We owe special thanks to six RAFOM residents who answered our pleas for help that evening: Cathy Crane and Michael Simpson from Prospect House and Jim and Diane Villars, Charles Harvey, and Meli Morcuendo from the Wooster and Mercer Condominium. Carol Hoover from the County Parks and Rec Dept. once again was enormously helpful in so many ways. The Police officers, headed by 2nd District Captain Brian Berke, brought the Santa Claus and the elves, all of whom were greeted with sustained applause form the residents attending. We appreciate very much the restaurants in our area who donated the good food for the occasion. They are Bertucci's, Cafe Assorti, Domino's in Rosslyn, Il Radicchio, Piola's, Santa Fe Cafe and Toscana Grill. Remember their generosity when you head out to patronize Arlington restaurants.

All in all, a most gratifying success story. Our best wishes to you for a very good holiday and a Happy New Year.

Stan Karson
From the RAFOM Yahoo list, reposted with permission.


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