Monday, January 18, 2010

Rosslyn metro challenge

Bringing the Giro D'Italia bike race to DC in 2012 is a great idea. Here's another: how about a time-trial race up the down escalator in the Rosslyn Metro? It could be bigger than the Empire State Building Run Up.  After all, running up the Rosslyn down escalator, if you didn't climb fast enough, you would face an unlimited number of steps.  Just getting to the top would be a major achievement. 

Such an event could give Rosslyn a unique place on the sporting map.  If the race used only one of the down escalators, closing the metro wouldn't be necessary.  All the people going in and out of the metro would get free front-row seats.  Others could view the event via a special broadcast to the NBC big screen at the corner of Lynn and Wilson.  This event could be a Rosslyn complement to the Nation's TriathlonRosslyn BID, sign up Washington Mayor and ace triathlete Adrian Fenty!

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a really fun idea!