Saturday, February 6, 2010

DC residents stream across Key Bridge to Rosslyn

Around 10am, DC residents were streaming across Key Bridge into Rosslyn.  As a top-ranked Ode Street Tribune reporter, I pulled up my shirt, gazed at my navel, and cogitated on the cause of this refugee flow into Rosslyn.

Some possibilities:
  1. They are tired, cold, huddled masses yearning to enter welcoming Rosslyn.
  2. They are young, sophisticated, urbanites seeking the creative culture and high fashion of Rosslyn.
  3. They want to contemplate the beauty of Rosslyn's built environment, now decorated with snow.
  4. They want to leave on the Rosslyn metro to go to the Georgetown-Villanova basketball game.
In order to uncover the truth, I've decided to poll Ode Street Tribune readers.  Who are these DC residents streaming into Rosslyn?  Answer this question!

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