Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rosslyn's spiritual gas station

Arlington Temple United Methodist Church is one of Rosslyn's landmarks.  Who could not notice the church sitting on top of the Chevron gas station in the center of Rosslyn?

As part of its worship service at 10:30am on Sunday from Feb. 21 to Mar. 28, the church is sponsoring a special sermon series, "24 Hours that Changed the World."   Each sermon considers an event in the 24 hours before Jesus was crucified.  These sermons include projected images and video.  This past Sunday's sermon included a video excerpt of Rabbi Amy Katz describing the importance of the exodus story to Jews.  The service included a reading from Psalm 105 and concluded with the Seder-like question to the church family:  "Who are we, and what do we do?" 

Ministering to homeless persons in Rosslyn is one part of what the Arlington Temple Church does.  The Church provides food coupons for 250-300 homeless persons per month.  It also provides space for an outreach worker from Arlington Street People's Assistance Network.  On Mondays it provides bagel, coffee, juice, and fellowship for homeless persons.

Recently a month's worth of the church's food coupons for the homeless were stolen.  Gracie F., a homeless person who has benefited from the Church's ministry, wrote the church a note of encouragement in response to that theft.  Her note recalled:
Once upon a time I went to a church above a gas station in Rosslyn.  I was cold, hungry and lonely.  And sad, very sad.  Ya see -- I had let Satan steal my joy...and he almost got my life. ... I came for a cheeseburger and left with hope.  ... Don't let Satan steal your joy...he already stole the food!

The Arlington Temple offers joy and friendship in following Jesus Christ. It is a small, welcoming church under the pastoral leadership of  Rev. Catherine Good Abbott.  The Church has worship service every Sunday at 10:30am.  Small group meetings are Tuesday night at 7pm.  Unstructured worship also is held at noon on Thursdays.  The church is above the Chevron gas station at 1835 N. Nash Street, close to the Rosslyn metro.

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