Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Westmoreland condo fees to rise 11.2%

At the Westmoreland Condo Board meeting on Monday, the Board voted to raise condo fees 11.2%. That averages a $28 per month increase per condo unit. This winter's snowfalls cost the condo association $30,000 in snow removal costs. In addition, the main power board in 1311 had to be replaced at a cost of $13,271. These were unanticipated, extraordinary expenses. In addition, the condo association is engaged in a multi-year program of roof and facade repairs. Westmoreland condo fees remain considerably lower than new condos built in the neighborhood.

Additional notes from the condo board meeting:
  1. Approved spending $3,950 on pruning, including aggressive pruning, of plants on the property.  Aggressive pruning is a long-term care measure that fosters bush density and attractiveness.
  2. Approved bill of $71,123 for roof replacement on 1311.   Property-wide, roof problems have cost $4,000 to $9,000 in repairs per year over the past decade.
  3. The Board is considering delaying facade repair for one year to increase the level of our reserve fund.  Our reserve fund currently contains $275,000.
  4. Repair of the hot water heater in 1301 will require shutting off water for several hours on Thursday.
The Condo Association annual meeting is April 26'th at 7pm in the condo manager's office.  Owners will be receiving in the mail a copy of the condo association accounts and the proposed condo budget for the upcoming new fiscal year.  One seat on the Condo Board will be elected at the annual meeting.  Emil Tabakov, the current Condo Board member serving in that seat, will be running for re-election.

Condo Board members Jose Calvo, Emil Tabakov, Valerie Corda, and Jennifer Hastings, residents Joy B.. and Douglas G., and Property Manager Dennis Freeman attended the meeting.   All those owners who haven't been attending condo board meetings should at least show up for the annual meeting to thank the Condo Board members for their service.

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