Monday, April 26, 2010

Emil Tabakov re-elected to Westmoreland Condo Board

At the Westmoreland Terrace Condominium's Annual Meeting today, Board member Emil Tabakov was re-elected with an overwhelming margin to another three-year term on the Condo Board.

Prior to the meeting, residents discussed a fire that occurred in our trash container near Ft. Myer Heights Park this past Sat. night about 2 or 3am. The Arlington Fire Department arrived at the scene and put out the fire. The fire melted two recycling bins. The cause of the fire isn't clear.

The Condo Board approved the upcoming year's budget and a 11.2% increase in condo fees. That increase amounts to about $28 per month per unit. The condo fee increase supports the ten-year program of facade work and roof replacements. It also allows for an increase in condo reserves, which currently stand at $373,000.

Extraordinary expenses this year including replacing a broken main electrical switch and meter panel outside building 1311. The switch failed to go back on after it was shut off for the roof replacement on 1311. The switches have not been replaced at least since the complex was converted in condos in 1982. Building 1303 also has an outside switch. The plan is to wait for use/failure occurs before replacement.

Another extraordinary expense this year was for snow removal. The budget lists snow removal costs of $19,544 through 2/28/2010. Apparently the $30,000 figure for snow removal given at the last condo board meeting was incorrect.

Other budget item discussions:
  • The Westmoreland water and sewer budget is $41,000 for fiscal year 2011.  With our 148 units, that amounts to about $23 per month per unit.  That cost does not include the $22,000 gas budget to heat hot water.   The Property Manager said that these expenses are in the normal range.
  • The telephone system entry cost of $6,840 includes costs for maintaining the system.  Having unlocked entry doors isn't desired.  Possibilities for a more cost-effective buzzer-entry system don't seem promising.
  • The Property Manager said that the "Administrative Expense" of 2,484 under the Administrative expense section includes payroll processing charges, fees associated with collecting unpaid accounts (in addition to the itemized $100 budgeted for "collection letter fees") and county document filing fees (in addition to the itemized $2,400 for "legal").
Attending the meeting were Condo Board members Jose Calvo, Valerie Corda, Jennifer Feinleib, and Emil Tabakov, seven residents, and Property Manager Dennis Freeman of Zalco Realty.  The next regularly scheduled Condo Board meeting is May 24, 7pm, in the Condo Office.

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