Sunday, August 22, 2010

barbershop chorus seeks additional singers

The Arlingtones Barbershop Chorus, founded in Arlington over a half-century ago, is seeking one tenor, three leads, two baritones, and four basses.  Their website observes:
Thousands of men have "found their voice" in the barbershop community. The Society provides expert instruction in Chapter meetings like ours, and in local, regional, and international schools. Don't let a lifetime of being told "You can't sing" keep you from the joy of making music with us! No one we know has ever said, "I wish I'd waited a few years longer before I started singing barbershop.
The Arlingtones meet every Tuesay 7-10pm at Gunston Middle School, Band Room 145.  If you're interested in joining this a cappella singing group, just show up some Tuesday night. The Arlingtones manning their booth at the Arlington County Fair made clear to me that this a friendly and welcoming group.

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