Monday, August 9, 2010

Galbi's cheese takes premium blue ribbon

An Ode Street Tribune foreign correspondent reports that Joan Galbi won a first premium blue ribbon in the Clark County Fair's cheese-making competition.  The Clark County Fair has been held for nearly a century and half in Washington, the state far west of Rosslyn.  It attracts the finest cheese-makers west of the Mississippi.  Galbi emerged victorious with a Camembert made with fresh goat's milk.  She has been widely regarded as a leading cheese-maker since her parsley-pesto goat cheese triumphed at last year's Clark County Fair. 

Arlington County will host its own fair August 18-22 at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center.  Arlington sadly lacks goats.  Moreover, the Arlington County Fair oddly doesn't include a cheese-making contest. So you'll have to find other venues to display your cheese.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Joan Galbi and to the Ode Street Tribune for recognizing the importance of this event and for carrying this story to provide some deserved recognition.

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