Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration for biking to work

Biking to work this morning after the first of the storms predicted for today, a biker went by me rapidly.  He was wearing a white, long-sleeve shirt, a tie, dress pants, and dress shoes.  No problem.  I leave my bike-racer ego at home.  Still sleepy after a long night of investigative journalism, I was just puttering pleasantly along. 

But then I remembered, as an Ode Street Tribune super-reporter, I am duty-bound to chase down neighborhood stories.  So I shook off my dreams, pedaled hard, and caught up with Fred.

Fred bikes to work from Clarendon to the elipse area of DC nearly every day during the summer.  He isn't afraid of rain.  He isn't afraid of wind. He isn't afraid of heat.

Fred's bike features a metal coffee cup accessible conveniently on its front handlebars.  His bike also has a motor-assisted rear drive.  But don't get the wrong idea. He was pedaling quite briskly when he went by me.

For a guy heading to work on a stormy day, Fred seemed quite happy and carefree.  You would be too if you would bike to work.

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