Saturday, August 28, 2010

metro superman 57 year-old retired Marine

The man in the blue shirt was Dimas Pinzon.  To help a man who had fallen onto the metro tracks, Dimas Pinzon jumped into the tracks from the other side, lept across both electrified third rails, bear-hugged the 200 lb man, and prepared to throw the man and himself under the metro platform.

Dimas Pinzon is a 57 year-old man.  He's a middle-aged man!  If you're starting to notice gray hairs coming in, or hair falling out, and your back is starting to hurt every once in a while, and your muscles just don't seem as supple as they once were, don't worry.  You still might possess incredible physical capabilities.

Dimas Pizon is a retired Marine.  Eyewitness reports indicate that he was carrying a stack of papers. He probably has a desk job in large office building.  In short, he's probably now working as a bureaucrat.  But he still has the Marine Corps ethos.

Even persons who didn't serve as Marines can aspire to Marine Corps excellence.  Whatever your age and occupation, strive to be a Marine in your own mind!

Update: Dimas Pinzon lives in Rosslyn!  Rosslyn is just the sort of neighborhood where you would expect a superman to live.

[video included in post]

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