Sunday, September 12, 2010

another home eviction in DC

Several men who live under a bridge in DC have been served with an eviction notice. Last year they were evicted from their home under the bridge on the other side of the road.  They've lived under that bridge through some brutal winter weather, including this past winter's massive snowstorms.  While communities can and should do more to help persons living on the street, at least don't bother them if they're not seriously bothering you.


a SW DC resident said...

Wow... I live in the neighborhood and have called the hypothermia hotline once in a while this winter when it got really bad and they didn't seem to have an alternate place to go. There are some people in my neighborhood posting on the MPD list-serv lately about the men living there- nothing about them being dangerous just that they wanted them removed. I hope the city has the resources to actually help them.

A human being from the west not the right or left said...

Telling these people to “go”, without providing a place for them to go is inhumane and just plain stupid. Congratulation to the staff of the Ode Street Tribune for taking the time and space to point out the plight of some people at the bottom of the social pyramid. When God looks down and sees how some of his children are being treated, I am certain that it makes him sad. I hope it doesn’t also make him angry, because if it does we are all in more trouble than are the poor souls under the bridge. Whoever posted that eviction notice should be made to realize that all of us (from the poorest to the richest) are guests on this planet. When the poorest are “evicted” and not given a place to live, it hurts us all.