Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coltrane lives beneath Rosslyn metro escalator

Across the Washington metro system, 90% of metro escalators are in operation at any given time.  The operational availability of escalators in the Rosslyn metro seems to be below that figure.  But the Rosslyn escalators have a feature that's unbelievably better than high operational fidelity.

You may have caught whiff of some insinuations about Jerry Garcia, who was born on August 1, and Rosslyn's Dark Star Park.   What's under the Rosslyn metro escalator is bigger than Jerry Garcia and cosmic alignment.

Some claim that John Coltrane died of liver cancer way back in 1967. But consider the evidence. Miles Davis said, "Coltrane's death shocked everyone, took everyone by surprise. I knew he hadn't looked too good... But I didn't know he was that sick—or even sick at all." If Miles would come to Rosslyn, he'd get another surprise. But Miles can't, because Miles Davis is dead.

John Coltrane isn't dead. He's living and playing under the Rosslyn metro escalator.  Now age 84, he's lost some of his chops.  But he still enjoys wetting the reed, and he can still overblow.

You readers of the Ode Street Tribune are sophisticated, urbane, and highly intelligent.  Hence you tend toward skepticism.  We don't ask you to believe what you read.  Our hard-working staff has instead recorded a Rosslyn metro video.  All sounds on this video are 100% authentic Rosslyn metro escalator sounds.  It provides irrefutable proof that Coltrane lives beneath the Rosslyn metro escalator.

Watch it for yourself.  Then the next time you ride the Rosslyn metro escalator, pull out your earphones and listen.  Coltrane's living room seems to be under the rightmost down escalator.

Major construction is underway at the Rosslyn metro station.  Senior citizens tend to sleep late and go to bed early.  Due care should be taken not to annoy Mr. Coltrane.


Anonymous said...

This isn't news. It's a waste of time. Please give everyone some kind of compensation for having them waste 30 seconds of their day. C'mon..

Pharoah said...

That's not Coltrane. It's Pharoah.

Anonymous said...

LOL...when I first moved to Rosslyn it was around the time of Halloween and I heard these sounds - I thought it was a soundtrack that Metro played to make it a "haunted escalator"