Sunday, January 30, 2011

water-main break in Ft. Myer Heights Park

Update (Sunday, 5pm):  An Arlington County Public Works crew is here and preparing to make repairs to the broken water main.  Water in Westmoreland building 1322, and possibly other nearby buildings, is likely to be shut off within an hour.  The water will remain off until repairs are finished.  That may be about 10pm.

A water-main break near the top of Ft. Myer Heights Park is sending water both down the access road and across the park.  With temperatures predicted to be in the twenties overnight, expect heavy ice tomorrow morning at the lower exit of the Westmoreland Condos parking lot on Ft. Myer Drive.  If the freeze is sufficient to clog the drain on Ft. Myer Drive, ice is likely to spread out across the bottom of that road. 

The water main break was reported to Arlington officials Saturday afternoon.  A similar water main break occurred in this spot roughly five years ago.  The timeframe for repairs isn't clear.  This water main break doesn't create as immediate of a hazard as the recent water-main break near the Quarterdeck.  Given the huge amount of work the recent snowstorm created for Arlington's Department of Environmental Services, getting to this problem may take some time.

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