Saturday, February 12, 2011

concerns about nationalism and imperialism

Some good readers perceive in Ode Street Tribune articles a bias towards Rosslyn nationalism and imperialism.  A thorough internal investigation has revealed that one Ode Street Tribune reporter believes that Rosslyn rightfully encompasses all territory east of the Mississippi River.  Because our policy is not to discuss publicly particular personnel matters, we will not reveal this reporter's name. 

While some have demanded this reporter be fired, we have decided to allow him to continue to write for the Ode Street Tribune.  The Ode Street Tribune serves the public in part by fostering careful and critical news reading.  News sources that claim to be unbiased encourage complacent and intellectually somnolent readers.  The Tribune has greater aspirations for its readers.

Let no one be mistaken: the Ode Street Tribune officially rejects the violent overthrow of Arlington neighborhood boundaries.  Any changes in neighborhood boundaries should occur only through the democratic process, agreements among neighborhood leaders, or mass public protests.  Rosslyn's neighbors need not fear the intense Rosslyn spirit of Rosslyn's residents.  Instead, they can look for ways to unite with Rosslyn to be part of the greatest neighborhood in Arlington and in the whole eastern half of the United States.

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Bravo for Rosslyn!!!