Wednesday, March 2, 2011

pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure

The Arlington County Bicycle Advisory Committee is hosting a film on pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in Europe.  The film documents the experience of transportation professionals from the U.S. who traveled to Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, and the U.K. to identify best practices around pedestrian and bicycle safety.   Their trip blog includes this note about a discussion in Bristol, UK:
In a brief chat with a City councilor, she said that the program fit well with several initiatives they already had going, like things to address congestion, climate change, better health for citizens and maintaining a high quality of life for citizens. This is a theme we have heard throughout our trip. Bicycling and walking and public transit are key components of efforts to address many of the worlds largest social problems. It's not just about biking and walking, but about establishing a more sustainable lifestyle that will benefit all.
The 45-minute film will be shown at Arlington Central Library this coming Monday, March 7, at 7pm.  Gather there at 6:30pm there for chat and snacks, and after the film head over to the Carpool (!) bar/restaurant for more discussion and the monthly Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting. 

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