Monday, April 25, 2011

Jose Calvo re-elected to Westmoreland Board

At the Westmoreland Condo Board Annual Meeting, current Westmoreland Condo Board President José Calvo was elected to another three-year Board term by unanimous acclamation.  José has served on the Westmoreland Board since he purchased a home in Westmoreland in 1995.  The volunteer service of Board members is crucial to keeping Westmoreland a great place to live.  All resident should be grateful for José's sixteen years of volunteer service to Westmoreland.

Other notes from the Annual Meeting:
  • Facade work has begun on 1336.  Work should be complete in seventy-five days, weather permitting.  Residents of 1336 are advised to take precautions against dust and minor building vibrations.
  • Westmoreland will commission of study of the appropriate level of long-term reserves given the planned facade renovations and roof repairs.  Westmoreland has never had a special assessment and doesn't anticipate having a special assessment in the future.  The goal is to have regular, small increases in condo fees to cover operating expenses and to furnish reserves for capital expenses.
Attending the meeting were Board members José Calvo Jennifer Feinleib, and Joe Ruland, six residents, and Zalco Property Manager Dennis Freeman.

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