Thursday, April 14, 2011

our tax collector's principles of public service

As Arlington County's Treasurer, Frank O'Leary collects taxes for Arlington.  Tax collectors have been maligned for at least two thousand years. But at the March RAFOM meeting, Frank O'Leary set out his impressive mottoes for his office's public service.  Those mottoes are:
  1. The people who work in this office do their best to serve the public in a courteous and efficient manner.
  2. When your phone rings, it is not someone interrupting your busy workday.  It is the reason you are here.
  3. Rats in the alley!
To learn what "Rats in the alley!" means, listen to Frank O'Leary's story in the video below.

Arlington County is a great place to pay taxes.  Tax collecting keeps the government running.  Keep these happy thoughts in mind as you pay your taxes.


Anonymous said...

From what he said, it seems to me that he is trying to expand his empire. His department is charged with one particular task. He should not be spending his time solving problems that are in the jurisdiction of other departments. If someone calls with a problem that is outside of his area of responsibility, he should pleasantly transfer the call to the operator who can then direct the call to the proper department.

Ken said...

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