Monday, July 25, 2011

$29K for sidewalk and stairs renovation around Westmoreland 1336

At the Westmoreland Condo Board meeting today, the Board approved an expenditure of about $29 thousand for repair of the sidewalk, stairs, and railing leading up the back side of the Westmoreland 1336 buildings.  The need for these unbudgeted repairs emerged in the course of doing the facade restoration for 1336.  The repairs are intended to improve the building's appearance and improve the safety of the entranceway, especially in winter.

Other notes from the Condo Board meeting:
  • Roof repair on Westmoreland 1336 will start on Aug. 21 and will probably take only two days.
  • the Westmoreland 1315 electrical service switch replacement will occur in September
  • the condo physical plant and financial reserves study will be available in September
Attending the meeting were Board members José Calvo, Jennifer Feinleib, and Joe Ruland; residents Douglas and Mark, and Zalco Property Manager Dennis Freeman. The regularly scheduled August 29 Condo Board meeting may be canceled.  Check with the Condo Office a few days before to confirm the show and to reserve your seat.

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