Wednesday, September 21, 2011

come ashore at Artisphere

Last Friday, the PARK(ing) Day realization in Rosslyn encouraged persons to dispel the frantic search for a parking space.  Imagine instead gliding into Rosslyn on a small boat guided by mermaids to the newly constructed Rosslyn boathouse, with a pier extending all the way to the front of Artisphere.

Dance Exchange dancers Sarah Levitt and Shula Strassfeld helped Rosslyn PARK(ing) Day spectator-participants to experience that glorious vision.  They performed a site-specific adaptation of their work Hammock.  Some commenters at Arlnow were somewhat dubious about this work and PARK(ing) Day in general.  The actual event turned out to be thoroughly vitalizing and inspiring. 

In an exclusive interview with the Ode Street Tribune, spectator-participant Douglas Galbi said, "Even though I hadn't properly parked and locked my bike, I felt completely relaxed."  The Tribune asked him if the noise from the airplanes passing close overhead hindered his ability to rest.  He said, "Not at all.  Resting in the gentle sway of the hammock, I didn't even hear the airplanes."  Did he realized that he was alongside a major street in Rosslyn in front of Artisphere?  "I could see Artisphere and the sky and Rosslyn's beautiful buildings," he said.  "But still, it was like a dream, except in my dreams the women are usually naked."

The Ode Street Tribune believes that PARK(ing) Day in Rosslyn should not be criticized for not having naked women. PARK(ing) Day in Rosslyn was a fun, creative, low-cost event.  These are the kinds of events that make Rosslyn the emblem of Arlington's attractiveness.

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Anonymous said...

Ode Street tribune should disclose the relationship between its Managing Editor - operations, Publisher, Editor, Managing Editor, and the quoted spectator-participant. Blatant conflict of interest, shameful.