Thursday, November 17, 2011

major changes recommended for downtown Rosslyn

The Rosslyn Multi-Modal Transportation Study is recommending major changes to improve streets and transportation in downtown Rosslyn.  Kelly Cornell, the project manager for the study, described the study's draft recommendations at this Wednesday night's Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights Civic Assocation (RAFOM) meeting.  Among the draft recommendations:
  • convert Lynn St. and Ft. Myer Dr. from one-way streets to two-way streets
  • study removing Ft. Myer Dr. underpass
  • relocate some bus stops from Moore St. to Lynn St. and Ft. Myer Dr.
  • widen sidewalks and reduce street widths
  • establish a "festival street" for public activities in downtown Rosslyn
  • establish a new trail connection between Iwo Jima and Roosevelt Bridge
An ambitious and exciting idea is to improve access to Roosevelt Island.  Cornell mentioned the possibility of constructing a pedestrian bridge over Rt. 66 that would connect downtown Rosslyn to the west bank of the Potomac.  That would be a fabulous way to open up Rosslyn and highlight the natural beauty of its premiere location along the Potomac River. 

Think about how to make Rosslyn's streets, trails, and transportation options even better.  Ideas and suggests can still be incorporated into the draft Rosslyn Multi-Modal Transportation Study.

Eileen Corbet, Director, Arlington's Residential Program Center, and Kathy Sibert, Executive Director, A-SPAN, spoke to the RAFOM meeting about homelessness in Arlington.  In Northern Virginia, 47% of renters are paying more than 30% of their income for rent and utilities.  Hence becoming homeless after a sharp reduction in income is a possibility for many persons.  Surveys of homeless in Arlington have found graduates of local high schools, persons who have been living on the streets for years, and quite elderly persons. 

Single adults comprise about 65% of Arlington's homeless population and number about 300 persons.  Among single adult homeless persons, 83% are male. Single adult males are a particularly neglected homeless population. They lack the sympathy and resources that "women and children" get, and they also suffer from a common perception that males who are weak and without money are disposable.

The Residential Program Center is a 44-bed facility on Columbia Pike.  It provides non-medical detoxification, substance abuse recovery, and homeless services for single adults. The Residential Program Center is seeking volunteers as well as donations of toiletry items, new clothing, and individually wrapped food items.

A-SPAN is helping to drive Arlington's 100 Homes Campaign as part of the 10-Year Plan to end homelessness in Arlington. In addition, A-SPAN provides ongoing emergency winter shelters and drop-in services for showers, laundry, phones, computers,and counseling.  A-SPAN provides about 90 meals at night near Gateway Park in Rosslyn. A-SPAN also is looking for volunteers and donations.

Other items from the RAFOM meeting:
  • RAFOM's holiday fiesta for low-income children in the neighbor will occur on Friday, Dec. 9
  • Volunteers are needed on Saturday morning, Dec. 10, to help put wreaths on all the gravestones in Arlington Cemetery as part of the Wreaths Across America  Project
  • the Harvest for Hope party and silent auction to benefit the Residential Program Center will be this Sunday night, Nov. 19.
The next RAFOM meeting will be in February.

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