Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crystal Couture for stunning clothes

Get some tongues wagging in the cubicles of the office drones. Give your hubby something better to watch than football.  Fulfill your own fashion fantasy.  You can do all this and more with the Crystal Couture Show and Sale this week in Crystal City.  At Crystal Couture, more than 40 boutiques and designers offer you distinctive custom fashions at discount prices.  Ponder your new fashion choice amidst runway shows, an open bar, and free makeovers from makeup stylists and hair stylists.  

Fashion designer and stylist Nam Nguyen showed tonight a lovely satin and chiffon patterned outfit.  The matching bow (unfortunately not visible above) gives a girlish flair to the sexy, high-slit dress.

Military clothes and vintage clothes are in fashion.  TopRank brings these two trends together with vintage military fashion.  These clothes will make you better positioned than a Rear Admiral at a welcome home celebration.

Afua Sam of Studio D Maxsi showed an ornate, orange silk dress that she called VaVaVoom fashion.  This is exactly the right sort of dress for an ambitious woman lawyer to wear to the office to render opposing counsel speechless.   

Samuel Ugglee at 4Ever Ugglee wants you to dare to be different.  He complements a tight, strongly patterned sweater with a scarf that looks to me like an audacious cross between an ascot and a sauna towel.  Its color bravely pushes toward a light pinkish cream.

Gennet Purcell of Maven Designs showed a black dress that looked like it had been custom designed for the model's long black hair.  When the model tossed her hair, the strands of the dress played in concert.

Model Kyler Manjone walked down the runway in this elegant peach dress from Deidre Jefferies of Espion.  Her shoes were the highest platform heels that the Ode Street Tribune has ever seen. She said that they were comfortable and easy to walk in.  The dress was light and springy.

Find your own fashion at Crystal Couture, Feb. 7-11, 6pm to 10pm every day in the former food court at 1750 Crystal Drive.  Admission is free and open to the public.


Anonymous said...

The Ode Street Tribune does it all: fashion, cyclo-cross racing, luminous bodies. Just reporting on the artisphere events alone must tax even the large staff of the OST

Rear Adm. Earl Gay said...

"These clothes will make you better positioned than a Rear Admiral at a welcome home celebration."

I resent the implication of this sentence. Sincerely,

Rear Adm. Earl Gay

Douglas Galbi said...

Sir, the Ode Street Tribune apologizes for any offense. No offense intended, sir. Thank you for your service to your country!

AlexVan said...

I love the fashion shows these fashion shows. because it gives me many attractive values. in it is fashion. I am impressed with the great new fashions. Besides, I like the beautiful make-up of the model.

AlexVan said...

Nam Nguyen he is Vietnamese. He has a great make-up for celebrities. I love him. This article is great and meaningful.