Tuesday, February 28, 2012

like Manhattan or like San Francisco?

Peter Katz, Arlington's new planning director and an leading authority on new urbanism, recently spoke at a civic association meeting in Rosslyn.  He mentioned that he was driving around the neighborhood and said to himself:
This place is looking pretty good.  It was reminding me of San Francisco. 
Rosslyn, with its majestic skyline along the Potomac, tends to be associated with Manhattan.  But Rosslyn's Wilson Boulevard is also the premiere urban hill in Arlington.  Rosslyn thus reminds some of San Francisco.

Does Rosslyn seem to you more like Manhattan, or more like San Francisco?  Register your impression of Rosslyn in the poll below, and see how your view compares to the total who have taken the poll.


Anonymous said...

congrats, the tough investigative reporting by the OST has driven Mr. Katz from office


Douglas Galbi said...

The Ode Street Tribune is sorely disappointed that Mr. Katz has left Arlington. He seemed like a smart, perceptive urban planner with a lot of good ideas.