Thursday, June 14, 2012

model for Rosslyn pedestrian bridge to the river

Connecting pedestrians in downtown Rosslyn to the riverfront and Roosevelt Island has long been recognized as important for creating even more vitality and activity in downtown Rosslyn.  Recently a pedestrian bridge has been installed across Route 66 to connect the Filene Center and the Barns facilities at the Wolf Trap performing arts venue.  The bridge was installed in only a few months with little disruption to traffic on Route 66.  The Wolf Trap pedestrian bridge provides a great model for a pedestrian bridge from downtown Rosslyn to the pedestrian bridge connecting the riverfront to Roosevelt Island.  With such a bridge, pedestrians could easily stroll between bustling downtown Rosslyn and the quiet, scenic beauty of Roosevelt Island.

Congressman Jim Moran helped to secure funding for the Wolftrap pedestrian bridge.  Local officials in Fairfax County developed plans for the bridge and better pedestrian facilities in the area.  Local pedestrian and bicycle advocates strongly supported the project.   A pedestrian bridge is even more important for Rosslyn than for Wolf Trap.  Look for ways to push forward a Rosslyn pedestrian bridge to the river!

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