Saturday, June 2, 2012

young artists at Artisphere

To see a wide variety of highly accessible art, go to Artisphere for works from the Congressional Art Competition.  This exhibit displays art of Northern Virginia high-school students competing to have a work displayed in the U.S. Capitol under the sponsorship of Rep. Jim Moran.  High-school students typically haven't yet learned to curry favor with art critics.  Hence they don't create obscure, ugly work.  You will enjoy viewing this art exhibit.  Go soon, because the exhibit closes on Sunday, June 17.

Art criticism is even more contentious than politics.  But the Ode Street Tribune is not afraid to address controversial issues.  We boldly declare that the judging in this art competition lacked artistic sophistication and appreciation for Rosslyn.  Pushing aside the official list of award-winners, the Tribune's editorial board unanimously declares that two works are co-winners of the Citizens' Best-in-Show Award. 

The first co-winner is Catherine Beall's self-portrait.  Beall, a student at TC Williams High School, has created an incredibly creative, engaging work.  It is every bit as good as works shown in major galleries of contemporary art.   The work pushes traditional materials (acrylic, tempera, paper, and newspaper) and a traditional composition (portraiture) into a volcanic cone of emotions, thoughts, and questions.  Part of this uncanny self-portrait is pictured above.  See more at Artisphere.

The second co-winner is Sydney Long's Winter in Rosslyn.  Long, a student at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, is perceptive enough to come to Rosslyn for artistic inspiration. His work captures brilliantly the portentous starkness of Rosslyn in winter on a Friday night.   It is a haunting work bringing comfort in being here together.  We regret that we cannot identify which tree in Rosslyn is represented.  The first reader to correctly identify the tree will win a free, one-year subscription to the Ode Street Tribune.

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